• Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice – Cum Laude – Central Missouri State University 1997
    • Juris Doctor – Washburn University School of Law 2000
Legal Work Experience:

    • Private practice from 2006 until 2007 and 2011 until present.
    • State Prosecutor in Henry County Missouri from 2007 until 2008.
    • State Prosecutor in Clay County Missouri from 2008 until 2011.
    • Special prosecuted cases in Cass and Platte County Missouri as well as Clinton Missouri Municipal Court.
    • Routinely represented the Missouri Department of Revenue in license revocation cases.
Trial Experience:

    • 12 jury trials in 4 years.
    • Only 2 not guilty jury trials (as a state prosecutor).
    • Over 100 DWI trials both criminal representing the State of Missouri and breath test refusals representing the Missouri Department of Revenue.
Notable Trials:

    • Murder 1st – Defendant sentenced to life in prison without parole, 100 years on the Armed Criminal Action, 15 years on Robbery in the 2nd degree, and 5 years on domestic assault in the 2nd degree.  All counts were consecutive.  This case involved historical cell phone tracking, nuclear DNA, mitochondria DNA, feline DNA, and extensive crime scene investigation.  The main witness for the State was the defendant’s wife who gave many different recorded statements to the police.  (Represented the State of Missouri)
    • 7 Felony Counts including forcible rape, 3 counts of armed criminal action, 2 counts of assault 1st, and robbery 1st.  Defendant sentenced to 3 life sentences plus 165 years in prison.  All counts were consecutive.  This case involved real-time cell phone pinging and nuclear DNA.  The main witnesses for the State were co-defendants who had plead guilty before the trial.  (Represented the State of Missouri)
    • B Felony DWI – Enhanced to A felony punishment range (Defendant was a prior and persistent criminal offender) – Defendant sentenced to 10 years prison.  This case involved a defendant who in addition to his 4+ prior DWI convictions, was also a two-time convicted felony for non DWI related crimes.  The Defendant was pulled over by a Missouri State Trooper right after a snow storm with snow still on the roads.(Represented the State of Missouri)
Areas of Concentration:

    • Driving while intoxicated – From 2010-2011 was responsible for all charging decisions on all prior and felony DWI cases in Clay County Missouri.  Tried over 100 DWI trials.  Special prosecutes DWI cases in different counties.
    • Cybercrimes – Responsible for cybercrimes cases since 2007 in both Henry County Missouri and Clay County Missouri.  Have successfully tried several jury trials in which the cybercrime evidence was instrumental in the jury’s guilty verdict.
    • Immigration Law – Handled immigration law cases since 2006 including B1/B2, L, adjustment of status, family-based immigration, and work-based immigration.  Represented both individuals and 50+ million dollar multi-national corporation.
    • Criminal Law – Handled thousands of criminal cases from pre-charging investigation to jury trial.
Other Achievements and Honors

    • Written briefs and responses on behalf of the State of Missouri in the Federal Courts for the Western District of Missouri, the Southern District Court of Appeals, and the Western District Court of Appeals.
    • Argued before the Western District Court of Appeals.
    • Taught cybercrimes classes at the Kansas City Missouri Police Academy to all Kansas City Missouri Police Department officers detective and above.
    • Taught a class to Clay County Officers on changes in DWI laws.
    • Provided advise the Regional Computer Forensic Laboratory on search warrant procedures.