We know you have a lot of choices when it comes to retaining an attorney.  But we also know all law firms and attorneys are not created equal.  At the Ison Law Office, we are proud of the way we practice law and we practice it differently than most of the other firms and lawyers out there.  Here are just a few of the examples of our advantages and what sets us apart from others.


As a former State prosecutor, county attorney, special prosecutor, and private attorney who has represented the government, individuals and 50+ million dollar companies, Scott Ison of the Ison Law Office has the experience and expertise to handle your case.  Please click here to view our experience.

Flat Fee Billing

We take the anxiety out of receiving your bill every month.  We only take on cases on a flat fee basis.  During your free consultation, you will be told exactly what the attorney fees will be for us to handle your case.  We guarantee this will be the fee and we put that in writing in the attorney-client agreement that is signed and provided to you before you pay us any money.

Free Consultation

Choosing the right attorney to handle your case is very important, but having to pay for the privileged to meet that attorney is not right.  That is why at the Ison Law Office, we offer a free consultation with the attorney who will be handling your case on all legal matters.  This way you can meet with the attorney, judge your interaction with that attorney, ask questions about their experience and competence in the subject matter and make the decision on whether or not you want to hire them without paying a dime.  We also make it easy to schedule your free attorney-client consultation using our online appointment scheduler.

Attorney Availability

Although we have to keep busy because representing clients because that is our job, we also understand being available for our clients is very important.  That is why most of the time when you call our office, your phone call will be answered by an attorney.  If the attorney is not in the office, our telephone system will automatically find that attorney on their cell phone and connect you.  We understand you call us to talk to your attorney, not a receptionist who will just take a message or screen the call.  Also, all our clients have access to the attorney’s cell phone for emergency situations.


As a law firm who also represents many high-tech companies, we would be remiss if we didn’t use technology ourselves to better service our clients.  We operate a paperless office so your file and documents are available instantly to our clients and attorneys where ever they may be.  We also use a secure communication system to exchange electronic communications and files with our clients.  Email is very insecure, that is why when we communicate with you electronically, it is completely encrypted from our computer to your computer.  We also encrypt all the documents that we send you or you send us and you can even view them over a secure encrypted connection without having to download them to your computer.  Our telephone system is based on Voice over IP technology (VOIP) in order to locate our attorneys or staff where ever they may be.   Instead of taking off work and driving to our office just to sign a document, we use electronic signature software.  And you can easily schedule an appointment with us from your home computer day or night using our online appointment scheduler.

Don’t just take our word for it, to schedule your free consultation with the Ison Law Office to see how we can help you with your legal issue, please click here.