If you have been served with a lawsuit in Missouri, do not delay in contacting an attorney.  Most of the time you only have 30 days to file an answer with the Court or face a default judgment being taken against you.

Business Formation:

As an entrepreneur who has set up many small businesses over the past 15 years, Scott Ison not only has the experience in how to legally form a new company to best achieve the protection of the business owner but also how to advise the new business owner on how to successfully run a business.

We can assist our clients in setting up a new business or help existing business reorganize their existing legal structure to maximize the protection of the owner’s personal assets without interfering with the growth of their business. We can setup:

    • Limited liability company (LLC)
    • Corporations (Inc)
    • Partnerships
    • Non-profit corporations
    • Or any other legal business entity recognized by the State of Missouri.

Just setting up a new business in only the first step, if you do not run your business in accordance with the law and general business practices, the protection you have set up in the business formation might be lost.  We will also advise our business clients on:

    • The proper way to enter into leases and other contracts to keep your personal assets separate from business assets if there were to be a future problem.
    • How to set up and maintain separate business and personal bank accounts in order to avoid any future problems that the business might suffer in the future.

Business Litigation:

Although most businesses do their best to work out problems that occur, sometimes the only option left is litigation.  If you have been sued or need the assistance of an attorney to resolve a dispute you are having with a customer or another company the Ison Law Office can help.  We put our business experience to work for our clients when the only option left is litigation.

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