It is important to remember that just pleading guilty to a speeding or other moving violation traffic ticket will have consequences on your driver’s record and your insurance rates.  You should contact an attorney before just pleading guilty.


Even though most traffic tickets you receive are minor criminal violations, they can still have significant consequences on your car insurance rate and your driving record. In Missouri, there is a point system associated with your driving record and traffic violations. If you receive too many points during a set timeframe, you can lose your drivers license. Because of these consequences, it is important to discuss your ticket with an attorney before just pleading guilty and paying the fine.

How We Can Help:

Most speeding tickets and other minor moving violations can be handled by an attorney by negotiating with the prosecutor for a reduced, non-moving violation in exchange for a higher fine. This allows you to keep the ticket off your driving record yet still punishing the offender with a fine.

Although serious, traffic tickets do not have to take time away from your work or family to handle. We can handle most traffic violations without you even having to leave your house or make a court appearance.

We offer a free consultation and a written estimate on how much it will cost if we handle your traffic ticket for you so there are no surprises.

We also make it easy, you have 3 different ways to contact us and receive information on how we can assist you.

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